Digestive discomfort can manifest itself in different forms: bloating, flatulence and abdominal tension. When you suffer from digestive discomfort, you may experience one or more of these conditions simultaneously.


These digestive discomforts can become very uncomfortable and have a negative impact on the quality of life. In fact, it often happens that people with intestinal problems seclude themselves: they refuse to take part in activities with friends or family, they are more irritable, they feel bad about themselves and they feel uncomfortable in their clothes, … Moreover, they feel powerless with regard to their digestive discomfort, because it usually concerns chronic problems.




Unfortunately, digestive discomfort remains a taboo subject and many people do not dare to speak of it, because they are afraid of being judged. There are also quite a number of people who do not talk about it because they do not make the connection between the different signs of digestive discomfort; they think it is ‘normal’ and that ‘it will pass’.




Please note that there are some signs that should alert you that there is something wrong and needs further investigation: if you notice signs of anaemia, blood in the stools, an abnormal loss of weight, or if there is a family history of colon cancer, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.