Where can I purchase Enterofytol®?

In Belgium:

Enterofytol® is exclusively available in pharmacies at the target price of 19.90 euro for 60 soft capsules (CNK: 3270-790) and 54.90 euro for 180 soft capsules (CNK: 3270-808).

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

Enterofytol® is exclusively available in pharmacies at the target price of 19.33 euro for 60 soft capsules and 54.34 euro for 180 soft capsules.

Other countries:

Enterofytol® is available in other countries. Please contact our export department for more information: export@tilman.be

Can I use Enterofytol® all year?

Ideally and for the best results, we recommend using Enterofytol® all year round.

If, for any reason, this proves impossible, we recommend a treatment of 3 months and afterwards, resume the use of Enterofytol® when intestinal discomfort recurs.

Can I use Enterofytol® in combination with other products?

Enterofytol® can be used simultaneously with other products.

However, it is recommended to seek medical advice in the case of simultaneous intake of coumarin anticoagulants or heparin.

Are there any contra-indications to using Enterofytol®?

Enterofytol® cannot be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or in case of bile-duct obstruction.